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Target Market:State & Local, Federal
Bid Type:Active Contracts
Posted:Oct 18, 2021

9 Opportunities Found  
1.  Clonidine - National CMOP
    Document Type Solicitation (Updated)
    Posted on Oct 18, 2021
2.  Health Technicians for Domiciliary services
    Document Type Solicitation (Original)
    Solicitation No. 36C26122Q0046
    Posted on Oct 18, 2021
    Due by Nov 03, 2022
3.  Hill-Rom bed rental contract
    Document Type Special Notice (Updated)
    Solicitation No. 36C24221Q1351
    Posted on Oct 18, 2021
    Document Type Special Notice (Original)
    Solicitation No. 36C24622Q0077
    Posted on Oct 18, 2021
5.  Multivitamins W/Minerals - National CMOP
    Document Type Solicitation (Updated)
    Posted on Oct 18, 2021
6.  NEW EER# 128178 EYE CLINIC SLIT LAMPS 671-22-1-257-0003 (VA-22-00010225)
    State Texas
    Document Type Combined Synopsis/Solicitation (Updated)
    Posted on Oct 18, 2021
7.  Intent to Sole Source Surgical Waste Management System (Neptune 3 Rover)
    Document Type Special Notice (Original)
    Solicitation No. 36C25222Q0054
    Posted on Oct 18, 2021
8.  Medical Services - Sheriff
    State Kansas
    Agency Sedgwick County
    Posted on Oct 18, 2021
    Due by Dec 13, 2021
9.  VISN 7 Eyeglasses and Optician Service Sole Source Interim Service October 1, 2021 through October 31, 2021
    Document Type Special Notice (Original)
    Solicitation No. 36C24721R0158
    Posted on Oct 18, 2021

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